A better place.

This is world. This is where we have to live and die. Sometimes we are happy sometimes sad. Sometimes we get more than we deserve sometimes less. We break, we heal, we fall we rise. Don’t you think it’s strange blaming someone/something about your life? We do accept and expect happiness from others. Right? So why can’t everyone offer happiness to others? Why don’t share others sufferings? It’s hard right? Can’t we just put aside everything love,hate,flaws,perfections,beauty,lust etc and just think of other just a human. Wait this is what humans are. Right? Everyone follow their own kind of religion. No? We sin different and judge others for sinning differently? Humanity? Where is that? Lost and thrown away? Keeping it short. I look unto that day when there could be peace. I know even i’m not at peace. But should’nt we enhance ourselves and be a better person for others without caring about them and their views. Yeah it’s confusing!! Try once? Push others up even when you fall, spread smiles even when you can’t, help others even when you are left alone? Would it be hard? I guess i lack more words to express.. But is something left back in this world?



Han bhool hi jaoun ga tjh ko
Han jb chor jaoun ga ic jism ko
Maut tau ani hi hay ek din
Weeran ic shehar ko kr hi jana hay
Tou kisi haad taak darust hi thi
Mae haar haad taak ghlt hi sahi
Kaam se kaam do batei hi kr laity
Kaam se kaam youn lachar na chor daity
Tum se tau nafrat bhi nahi hoti
Tou mjh mei hy aur khood se muhabat bhi nahi hoti…